Personal Insolvency Professionals Accreditation Program

The Faculty of Law has partnered with the Personal Insolvency Professionals Association to offer the first course for Personal Insolvency Professionals. The Personal Insolvency Professionals Accreditation Program (PIPAP) is offered wholly online in modular format. The course will provide students with a clear understanding of the principles, processes, law and practice of personal insolvency, and specifically the responsibilities of Administrators and Trustees under Part IX and Part X of the Bankruptcy Act. Find out more.

Global Sports Law and Governance

This course has been designed to take into account the current and emerging issues in global sport and has been designed to deliver a practical and relevant learning experience. Developed for professionals involved in sports management, the sports industry and legal practitioners interested in sports law, this course will provide an understanding of the key concepts, emerging issues in sports and more. The course is self-paced and designed to provide participants with the flexibility to choose one or more of the six modules. Find out more.

FDR Training Preparation Course

This course has been designed to equip participants with knowledge, skills and processes from the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution Community Services Training Package CHC81115 that will be further enhanced and developed in the Bond University DRC intensive Family Dispute Resolution training course.